Cory Bernardi

Senator Cory Bernardi is a Senator for South Australia in the Australian Parliament. He is an awful person.


Bernardi loathes social change of any kind. He was so incensed that when his former party, the Liberal Party, began to shift toward the political centre and engage in consensus politics that he left to form his own political party, Australian Conservatives.

It is a party of backwardness for backward people.

But, just this week, as a school in South Australia was seeking to raise money for children in some of the poorest place on Earth in the hope they might attend school, Bernardi attacked the charitable cause. Why? Because the casual clothes day allowed children of any gender to wear a dress. That's it.

Cunts like Bernardi see any form of difference from the mainstream as attacking the social foundations of this country. And if the foundations cause people to hate on a children's charity then those foundations need to be obliterated.

Cory Bernardi is not just a villain, he is a cunt.

Oh, by the way, the charity had hoped to raise $900; they're at $75,000 as of writing.