Margaret Court

One of Australia's best sportswomen, one of Australia's shittest persons, Margaret Court has been a happy-clapper born-again Christian who believes the Bible to be literally true in every sense for many decades now. So of course she doesn't like gay people. What they do is nothing more than a "lust of the flesh" and that there is a gay minority who are "after our young ones."

(It's pretty ironic for a Fundamentalist Christian to be lecturing on the issue of taking away young people.)

Anyway, Court is like that wacky Nanna at a family BBQ who says some weird shit, usually racist (like when Court said South Africa's apartheid was good) and everyone rolls their eyes. She's been saying this stuff for years, but now that most people view LGBTIQ people as actual human beings they tend to get pissed off when someone says gay people are the devil.

Oh, tennis is also "full of lesbians" and we can't have that.

Seriously, Christians way too often forget about the dude after which their religion is named.