Tim Gurner

Tim Who? You ask. He's the douchebag who thinks millenials are wasting too much money on smashed avocado and coffee, and that's why they can't afford a house deposit.

Nevermind the fact that Mr Douchebag was handed $34,000 by his grandfather which he subsequently used to buy a gym and start his property development career. The rest is history, as they say.

(Oh, also, when people started slamming Mr Douchebag for his idiotic views he doubled down (and lost) by revealing that his employer stumped up the money for his first investment property! About $180,000 of stumping. Winning.)

Look, unless you've been on a technology detox for six years then you're aware of the whole smashed avo versus house prices debate. You'd know wages haven't kept pace with house prices blah blah blah.

Point is, if you're gonna argue that young people aren't working hard enough to save a deposit you have to realise how much of a dick you'll look like if you've gotten a MIGHTY leg up in the first place.

Tony Overheu: The Pie Man

Tony Overheu is the douchebag who shoved a pie in the face of Qantas CEO Alan Joyce because Alan Joyce has the temerity to support marriage equality.

Remember, it's the folks who want to prohibit marriage equality - and equality in general - who think the proponents of marriage equality are nasty and intolerant of dissenting opinions. Hmm.

Tony Overheu: sensitive little snowflake.

Greg Hywood

Greg Hywood, at the time of writing, is the CEO of Fairfax Media. How long he continues to maintain that position is unclear.

In March 2017, Hywood and the board of Fairfax decided he could have a $2.5m bonus. In April 2017 Hywood announced the axing of 125 positions at two of Australia's best newspapers, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, to ostensibly save $30m.

Hywood's bonus is equivalent to 16 full-time positions at Fairfax. There is a reason those memes about Late Capitalism keep popping up.