Even Staunch AFL Fans Not Keen On AFLX

Despite having the most successful football code in the country, a testament considering only one country on Earth actually plays it, the AFL is determined to change everything.


Before the start of the season proper in March, the AFL will trial a new concept - AFLX. It is an abbreviated version of Australian Rules football, played in two 10-minute halves on a rectangular pitch instead of an oval.

Nobody is keen. It is only 12 months since the launch of the AFLW, whose popularity is only growing.

Trevor Topsfield is a loyal North Melbourne member, whose parents signed him up the day he was born.

"It's a bunch of elite athletes playing kick to kick," is how Topsfield describes it. "There has only been one abbreviated sport that has been successful and that's cricket. Why? Because one version of cricket goes for five days and the other goes for 8 hours.

"Footy is fine," Topsfield insists.