Tennis' 3 Diehard Fans Savoring Start Of Open

Jesinta Marks, Vicky Hedwig and Jason Power are names nobody has ever hard of, but they are the biggest fans of tennis in Australia.


The beginning of the Australian Open today, one of the four major tennis tournaments, is bigger than Christmas, Easter and New Year's Eve combined.

"There is nothing more exciting that tennis, let me guarantee you that!" Power told The Seagull.

"I can never sleep on the Sunday night before the tournament kicks off," said Hedwig. "The anticipation is indescribable!"

Whilst most Australian's will pause for a few minutes on the tennis during an evening of channel surfing, these three will be recording each and every match, as well as attending the men's and women's finals.

"We don't attend as many games as we used to because officials kept warning us about our boisterous behaviour," said Marks. "We can't help it if we're passionate! Tennis Australia should be encouraging more people like us!"