Dilemma Of Neutral Footy Fan Sympathetic To Tigers

Roy Havel is a North Melbourne supporter who knows what it's like to experience the highs and lows of an AFL Grand Final.


"I was there is '98 when we lost, but also in '99 when we won. You go from complete devastation to delirious joy."

Whilst Roy is generally supportive of Richmond, he knows that should they prevail over the Adelaide Crows then all of their supporters will become unbearable.

"Every team's supporters do it, they become obnoxious. But more so when that club hasn't played in a granny for 35 years.

"They'll have to declare martial law in Swan Street, Richmond I think. It will be nuts."

And what about Roy supporting the Crows? Not a chance.

"Adelaide? We let them into our competition and they've still got a chip on their shoulder. All these interstate sides do. Bugger 'em!"