Swans Fans Adamant Buddy Flag Is Coming

Sydney Swans fan Peter O'Toole is adamant that a premiership team featuring Buddy Franklin is not far off.


The Swans have played in two grand finals for two losses since Franklin made the trip north to Sydney at the end of 2012.

Now, with the Swans exiting the finals in just week two, many commentators in the media have commentated that perhaps the Buddy deal was not worth it.

"Halfway through the nine-year, $10 million dollar deal, and what have the Swans got to show for it?" Asked Garry Torksalott on SEN radio this morning.

But for a diehard Bloods supporter like O'Toole, all that radio filler is just white noise.

"You look at the way Buddy has performed throughout his Swans career - he's been magnificent, especially in finals. Gary Rohan on the other hand...

"The real question is why are we paying $900,000 a year for Kurt Tippett to play in the NEAFL?"