Innocent Jumpers Caught Up In Jumper Punch Fiasco

Another weekend of AFL and another series of incidents involving jumper punches for the Match Review Panel to examine.

But a few jumpers at a number of AFL clubs have had enough of being repeatedly drawn into scandal by ill-disciplined players.

Kelvin, a jumper at the Geelong Football Club, spoke to The Seagull. He is sick of being lumped in together with over-aggressive footy players who can't control themselves.

"Hawkins, he's a big boy, but he just can't help himself," said Kelvin. "Any time the Cats are losing he just flips. I see it every week."

Kelvin has confirmed he is not one of Hawkins' match-day jumpers. He is instead raising the issue on behalf of fellow jumpers who are sick, sick, sick of their reputations being tarnished by stupid footy players.

"Call it what it is: a punch. Doesn't matter if you're holding a jumper or a bottle of Moet, it's still a punch.

"I've got friends at Richmond and Melbourne and they're just sick to death of it."

Another jumper, who spoke to The Seagull on the condition of anonymity, said a lot of his mates were considering switch to AFLW in the off-season.

"It's new and small and less money, but the atmosphere is great. And there's no dickheads scrunching you up so you can knock someone in the chin," the jumper said.