Toby Greene Not On The Grassy Knoll: Giants

Greater Western Sydney Giants CEO Dave Matthews has released a strongly worded statement defending the actions of forward Toby Greene and reiterated he was "not on the grassy knoll."

The last furore over Greene erupted after he appeared to defend himself from an opposition Western Bulldogs player, Luke Dahlhauls, by using his boot. Another view may be that Greene jumped and kicked away Dahlhaus in the face.

Giants coach Leon Cameron said Greene was a victim of "hysteria." Herald Sun journalist Mark Robinson said if it was Bob Murphy or Marcus Bontempelli then the incident would have been called an "accident."

At the media briefing, Matthews also wanted to emphasis that Greene was not on the grassy knoll the day Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Journalists present were confused by this claim, and wondered whether the hysteria was indeed seriously affecting the Giants.