Woman Reignites Mild Interest In Cycling Via SBS

Patricia Pabst, a medical secretary from Keilor, found herself channel surfing last night with not much good stuff on the telly.

As it turned out, the one last turn around the twenty-or-so free-to-air channels led her straight to the Tour de France.

"It was such a relief. I thought I was going to have to lie in bed in complete darkness and contemplate the emptiness of my existence. But then I found cycling."

Ms Pabst is not alone in her TV awakening. SBS conducted an online poll which found a remarkable number of people rekindle their faith in cycling when July comes around.

"It's more than just the beautiful French countryside," says Annabel al-Deeversitee, head of sports programming at SBS. "The incomparable of knowledge and excitable tones of Phil Liggett is another reason people watch."

Perhaps people just grow weary of another fishing or 4x4 show on free-to-air TV?

"No, no," Ms al-Deeversitee interrupted. "It's Phil Liggett."