Some Cricket Tournament Happening In England

Sport is generally a temporary relief for most people from the drudgery of their everyday working lives. It enlivens their weekends. It gives them a sense of community.

Photo: Peter Cziborra

Photo: Peter Cziborra

But mid-week one-day cricket matches in England? Nobody cares.

People are more interested in the stoush/bitter pay dispute/EBA negotations between the cricketers' union ACA and Cricket Australia.

A minor AFL story will make headlines in the middle of summer, but the second biggest one-day cricket tournament in the world is a sidebar. And rightly so. The powers who run cricket have abused the public's support for decades. Now they are voting with their remotes and watching the entertaining if very inconsequential hit-and-giggle Twenty20 stuff.

Until international cricket administrators make cricket matches mean something, then nothing will change. Tonight Australia plays Saudi Arabia in a World Cup qualifier. Even in Australia where soccer isn't that popular, people are still keen observers.