Footy Tippers Furious at 2017 AFL Season

Dozens of angry footy tippers flooded talkback radio Monday morning to vent their spleen and the topsy-turvy 2017 AFL season.

No match has typified the current season more than yesterday's nailbiter between Carlton and GWS which saw the Blues prevail by one point. The match was a contest between second place on the ladder - and 17th!

Kayne from Highett was fuming. "We follow all the experts and all the gambling apps and they're bloody useless! I'm sick of it!"

"There's no way I'm gonna win that spa weekend away at work!" Screamed Nigel from Melton. "It's a bloody joke."

Most talking heads have a positive view of the season so far, noting that attendances are up and every fan goes to the ground thinking their team can win.

Darren from Laurimar was less positive. "My sister-in-law is even beating me!"