City Rejoices As Pies Fall Flat Again

There's a saying in football: the only thing better than Collingwood losing a grand final is Collingwood losing a grand final by one point. In essence, there is no hiding the joy in the schadenfreude of every non-Collingwood fan, and certainly not after this weekend.

"It's just bloody fantastic," said Jason Retizzi, a cafe owner in Lygon St, Carlton. "Especially as it was on their birthday!"

Saturday's match against Carlton marked the Magpies 125th anniversary of their first match. But their listless performance has opponents crowing and fans seething, with the focal point being coach Nathan Buckley.

AFL coaches would be well advised to steer clear of social media, more so after a loss.

Whilst some observers saw green shoots in the upset win against Geelong in round 6, others were content to bide their time.

"Collingwood has been more flaky than a weatherboard house over recent years," said sports journalist Ewen Rhames. "Last year they beat the GWS Giants up there. Now they lose to Carlton twice in two years!

"Remember, Carlton is a club that had a full reset last year. Buckley has won 11 games at his hand-built Collingwood side against the 10 wins of the Blues in that same period. Something's not right. But I'm lovin' it!"

It seems objectivity even flies out the door when the Colliwobbles appear!