Shock As Driver Screwed Over In F1 Again

There was widespread shock in the Formula 1 pit lane yesterday as once again a Formula 1 team favoured one driver over another, this time Ferrari at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Photograph: Marco Rossi

Photograph: Marco Rossi

Ferrari, who basically invented screwing over their drivers with team orders, made the unusual move of pitting race leader Kimi Raikkonen before team mate Sebastian Vettel, resulting in the Finn being returned to the circuit amidst slower cars.

As a result, Vettel was given clear air which allowed him to make a gap and create the overlap upon his eventual pit stop and later win the race.

“It’s clear to me that Ferrari have chosen their No. 1 driver,” Raikkonen said after the race. Vettel is currently leading the championship by 25 points ahead of Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton.

Ironically, it was Ferrari's first one-two finish since the German Grand Prix of 2010 when Felipe Massa was instructed to let Fernando Alonso pass. Prior to that every No. 2 driver at Ferrari had to let Michael Schumacher past during the dominant phase of his career.

"I don't think anyone expected a team like Ferrari to be so brazen in 2017," said veteran F1 reporter Miles Wilhelm.