Geelong Says Dustin Martin "Over-rated"

In a stunning declaration that has stunned football journalists, Geelong has declared Richmond midfielder Dustin Martin is "over-rated."

Assistant coach Kieron Faulkner said the Cats would not be interested in chasing the signature of the 25 year old Tiger champion unlike all other AFL clubs in the AFL.

"He's a good kick, no doubt," said Faulkner. "But you can teach that to anyone. Let's be real - the only reason he looks so good is because Richmond are so bad."

Martin will be the hottest property on the free agency market at the end of the season, where he is expected to receive offers from between one and one-point-five million dollars per season.

Except from Geelong.

Added Faulkner: "And let's face it - we used all our money on Dangerfield. Which is money well spent when he plays better than half the team combined."