Indy 500 Fireball: How hard is it to drive into a wall?

It's the question everyone around the world is asking after Sebastien Bourdais drove his IndyCar into the wall at the Indianapolis Raceway, causing it to explode with a massive fireball.

Most talented racers drive or ride on circuits that have usually 10 to 20 corners, undulations and sometimes blind crests. With IndyCars, one is turning the wheel four times the same way every lap... is that racing? Is it even driving?

Nobody doubts these drivers go fast - clearly Bourdais was going too fast for his hand to keep up with the necessary leftward tug the machine required. Perhaps we should examine the similarities with drag racing. Even though drag racing is technically racing, perhaps by the mere technicality that there's more than one car involved, is it really racing using skill and nous against other drivers and not just your reflexes?