Are We Expecting Impossibly High Standards From NRL Players?

Less than a week after three NRL players - including the New Zealand captain - were arrested and charged over drug-related offences, people are again asking: "Does the NRL have a drug problem?"

Also, other people are asking: "Is taking cocaine or any other illicit drug on the weekend that big of a deal?"

With three out of more than 300 players at the moment facing drugs charges - meaning less than one percent - it's fair to say that the NRL is no more guilty of having a drugs problem than society itself.

And as Peter FitzSimons reminds us, nobody's mentioning alcohol either.

Everyone knows that most (not all - we don't want to generalise) sportspeople aren't that bright. So perhaps we should just let them be human and leave them be. Why do sportspeople have to be paragons of virtue?

Why should we expect higher standards from footy players than CEOs, bankers and politicians?