AFL Fan Gears UP For Trade Period

Most AFL fans are still swept up in the yellow and black fever of Richmond's first flag for 37 years, but not Trevor Tallent. He's got trade fever.


"This is the most important part of the season. This is where the real pre-season begins," says Trevor.

Trevor is speaking of the Trade and Free Agency Period, which runs from October 9 to 19, where the clubs gather to nut out deals for player draft pick swaps.

Says Trevor: "Adelaide's 2018 season starts now - they've already got Jake Lever on the move, and maybe a few others from what I'm hearing on the radio. They can't afford to wallow in self-pity."

Trevor is among the growing number of... aficionados... of the AFL Trade Period. The AFL officially runs a daylong online radio stream for... aficionados.

But the talkback lines of Melbourn's premier footy stations SEN and Triple M all run hot with trade talk.

Whenever a player moves, you know Trevor will know before the player knows.