Betting 9 Times A Day Too Much

Ronald Lovfefe is an avid punter. Each week he drops $100 into his Sportsbet account to punt on the footy. He is adamant he is "quite good."


"It's just a bit of fun. I don't take it too seriously, because once you do then you start going down the rabbit hole.

"I punt on footy, and I like outrageous bets like first goal scorer and most touches. It gives me something to think about over the weekend when there's nine games of footy."

But since the AFL season has ended, Ronald has found his weekly punting far to challenging.

"Horse racing is just ridiculous - there's 9 races a day. I don't have time to process all the information. It's not fun."

The Seagull asked whether Ronald's simple punting had now turned into gambling.

"Yeah, but I'm responsible."