Danger Lurks In People-Swap Con - August 7, 2017

Andy really hates Turnbull. This article is sneering at Turnbull for trying to "cook up" a deal to rid Australia of its "boat people" problem. This "fraud" of a deal is only intended to serve Turnbull's "own interests, and not Australia's."

He's suggesting in this article that Turnbull was maybe going to take 31 "suspected jihadists" from Guantanamo Bay to appease Trump. Hard to fathom Turnbull fawning that much for the groper-in-chief, even if the rest of his infamous phone call was nothing but pure fawning.

I will agree with Bolt about the talking heads who got a hard-on for the "tough negotiator" in Turnbull. If giving your opposite everything they want is tough then fuck me.

Doesn't feel like Andy put much effort into this one. The side-bar about a court decision on a new synagogue would surely be better for a maniacal culture warrior such as Bolt, but then that didn't involve the conservatives public enemy number one: Malcolm Bligh Turnbull.

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