Cultural Vandals Gaining Strength - August 24, 2017

Local councils who don't want to celebrate the dispossession of Indigenous Australians on the day that Europeans came to Australia are "totalitarians."

Blah blah blah. Apparently Darebin and Yarra councils are just like the French revolutionaries during the Age of Terror, just like Stalin in Soviet Russia and Mao in Communist China. Hyperbole much?

These councilors are "puppies of the same dangerous breed" as the dictators. That's right, democratically elected governments are autocrats. Wow. Someone should do something about that.

Just for good measure, the ABC's war on Christianity is thrown in, as is the 400th mention of preachers been called to appear before anti-discrimination tribunals.

Just to clarify: totally ignoring 60,000 years of Indigenous history = fine; not celebrating invasion of another people's land and their dispossession = cultural vandalism and totalitarianism.

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