Warped Ban Will Promote Hatred - August 17, 2017

You just knew that once Yarra council decided to bow down to the "Aboriginal grievance industry" and decided to stop celebrating Australia Day on January 26 that Andrew Bolt would spew forth. "Our mad Left" is supposedly fighting racism but here they are! Supporting "racial division."

I think the "Left" want to not celebrate the beginning of a genocide, Andy.

But these "hipster revolutionaries" - can Andrew write just one article without any sort of disparaging epithet? - did a "tricked up" survey to establish their reasoning. As Andy says, "the Left really is the home of the bullies and authoritarians."

And the Indigenous people themselves? Well, they should be thankful for "secure food supplies and sturdy homes," and "dentistry" and "pain relief." That's right folks, if Australia wasn't stolen and colonised then the Aboriginals would never have had Panadol!

Oh there's a paragraph about something wrong the ABC did wrong too, just for good measure.