It Won't End With Gay Marriage - August 14, 2017

60 years ago, Andrew Bolt would have been writing "It won't end with inter-racial marriage." A hundred years ago, he would have said "It won't end with women getting the vote." The stupid thing about conservatism is that it's always going to lose - it's just a matter of when.

Today, Andy is fretting about a slippery slope of... something. Apparently giving equal rights to same sex couples will encourage more "persecution." LGBTIQ activists are actually "bullies" who act like children "screaming and howling" for toys. How pathetic can you be Andy?

The ABC gets thrown in for good measure here. News policy manager Mark Maley sent out an email reiterating to staff that they need to be impartial, but Bolt has already declared the ABC "isn't and won't be" because he can "name a dozen ABC presenters who have endorsed same-sex marriage." Wow, didn't know adults at the ABC weren't entitled to free speech and freedom of opinion. Funny that.

Apparently religious and non-religious people need protections to discriminate against gay Australians. Imagine changing the word gay to Jew. How would we feel then?

Seems Andy's concepts of freedom only work if you do freedom his way.

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