Honest Tomic Is Brutally Modern - July 6, 2017

Andrew must be working too much if all he can find time for in his bi-weekly column in Bernard Tomic. "And this is a big scandal?" Bolt asks, after Tomic revealed he struggles to find motivation to play tennis, and motivation for anything really.

Sneers Bolt: "Aren't even philosophers stumped for answers?" (I think the asking of the questions is the purpose behind philosophy, Andy.)

There a countless people who would give anything to have that sort of talent at sport and to be rewarded with $65,000 for simply losing a first round match in under two hours. There are countless people who would love to represent their country at the elite level.

Bolt even has empathy for the brat, questioning the commitment to his own keyboard-tapping job even though he is "doing something more purposeful that hitting stuff with a racquet." (Debateable.)

When you dig down, of course Bolt understands this "self-absorbed mercenary" - it's the typical conservative modus operandi: money, money, money. There's no greater good. It's all about how I can improve my lot in life. That's the Liberal way.

Seriously, if you can't even be bothered playing then why do it? Sportspeople aren't generally bright, but Tomic seems completely self-unaware. He's already been fined and lost a sponsor. Maybe his call of never having to work again came too soon.

This article is strange, though. There's not one reference to the "elites." Bolt must be running on empty.

This article doesn't even register on the Sneer-O-Meter.