The New War On Christians - July 31, 2017

See, I thought Christians being "persecuted" was their thing.

Andy is warning Christians that they face a war. Secular institutions like schools, government departments and even the ABC are persecuting Christians. It is "mad" that students can't praise Jesus in the playground. How can we possibly take away the free speech of seven-year-olds? (Wonder what Andy would say if kids were praising Allah and Mohammad and denouncing America in the playground?)

Pastors sent to the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal, Student Unions threatening deregistration, a brewery bullied into silence! Persecution! According the Andy it is not free speech to picket a meeting of the Australian Christian Lobby but rather "abuse."

The media uses the excuse of priests raping children to cheer on this persecution, but they shouldn't because the raping happened decades ago and the church put a stop to it. All good, says Andy.

Of course, without Christianity we'd all be Muslims or greenies, the latter which "has not inspired a single hospital, hospice, school or even soup kitchen."

Relevance, your honour?

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