Pell Must Get A Fair Trial - July 3, 2017

Andrew Bolt usually provides sources or evidence (using the terms loosely here) to back up his claims. But today's article is wafer thin.

Take the first paragraph: "The media commentary suggests there's little chance Cardinal George Pell can get a fair trial."

All Bolt does is reference "a report in The Age." It doesn't even say who gave the quotes or who wrote the articles or in what context the comments were made. It's ludicrous. It's just a ridiculous attempt to smear the entire media and perpetuate his underlying rhetoric that they are full of "elites" out to bring people down.

"Is this to be a show trial?" Bolt sneers. Well, the police are treating this case extremely carefully and strongly emphasising that Cardinal Pell is innocent until convicted of anything.

But, Bolt says, five years ago the police also said at least 40 people had committed suicide due to abuse at the hands of Catholic clergy, and that the Church remained silent. But those claims couldn't be verified, so Bolt says Pell has been unfairly tarnished.

Of course Pell deserves a fair trial. Everyone has the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilt - I wish Bolt & Co. would remember that the next time something happens involving a Muslim.

But if you think Pell has been unfairly smeared by his association with the Catholic Church then you only need to look at his own words. When facing questioning about the horrific instances of child rape happening in Ballarat when he worked in the area, Pell told the Royal Commission, “It was a sad story and of not much interest to me.”

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