Let's Throw Out Wilting Greens - July 24, 2017

I don't know how many more of these pieces I can take. All Andrew Bolt does it attack one of a bunch of bogeymen: the ABC, Labor/Greens, Malcolm Turnbull or the Elites. He does this by referencing some current issue and then repeating instances of problematic behaviour in the past. He's the person in the relationship that can't let anything go and is purely destructive.

I'm surprised this latest attack on the Greens didn't invoke Turnbull somehow.

Alas, the Greens are "dying at last." Interesting way to discuss democratic politics, Andy. I suppose they have done "terrible damage" around the world by protecting the environment. Ha!

After protecting native forests the Greens then turned to global warming to give them "relevance" - as if the protection of the planet and all its inhabitants was somehow not an issue for all politicians. Sigh.

"Can we afford the Greens?" Andy asks. Electricity prices have gone up since the repeal of the carbon tax, even though Tony Abbott promised they would go down. Gas prices are skyrocketing because we're basically giving it away to other countries instead of using it ourselves. And that's the Greens fault? Not Labor or Liberal, the actual parties who have been in actual government? Andy?

Next, the Greens commitment to social inclusion, tolerance, freedom and non-racism, or as Andy terms it, "happy-clappy multiculturalism."

Greens voters are also "adolescent in age or in temperament." Way to characterise more than a million Australians. How would Bolt react if someone from Fairfax or the ABC were to say such things about far-right voters? Hmm.

Oh, there's a throwaway line at the end about the ABC and universities. Touche.

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