Losing Faith In The ABC - July 20, 2017

"What a coincidence." The first sentence is sneering!

I honestly wonder what it would be like to have a "normal" conversation with Andrew Bolt. I know his keyboard persona is a persona; we're all a little different in our professional lives and I do wonder what a sit down meal would be like at Chez Bolt.

Anyway, Andy is sneering at the ABC and journalist Julia Baird who has dared to research the disturbing instances of domestic violence that occur with evangelical Christian communities. It appears that if you work for the ABC, are female, and don't criticise Islam repeatedly then you're in for a rough time from the right-wing press.

Bolt argues it's a coincidence that Baird is presenting a story about abuse within Christian churches at the same time that George Pell is facing charges of historical sexual abuse. I'm sorry Andy but would you like journalists to not research abuse by Christians until all priests have been investigated by police, because that might take some time as history shows.

The ABC is apparently "vilifying" Pell's church and faith. LOL. Julia Baird is a Christian. A devout one. She's just not a coward like Bolt and will do the hard work of investigating domestic violence claims within Christianity.

Baird's claim is that men who sporadically attend church are more likely to abuse their partners than any other people. It's like they cherry pick the bits of their patriarchal religion which they like and use it to control. Bolt waffles on about regular church-goers but that's not Baird's point.

Once again, Bolt avoids the issue and again plays the person, not the ball.

Imagine writing hundreds of words to diminish domestic violence?

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