Chavez's Failures Haunt Our Left - July 13, 2017

Oh no, it looks like Andy has had to reach into the hard drive and pull out a prepared article about SOCIALISM. Apparently 10 years ago (!) a bunch of ("snowfield socialists") lefties from Australia wrote a "shameful" letter inviting Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez to come here.

Of course, "chief thug" Chavez was an uber-socialist whose government had a massive redistribution program aimed at helping the poor. He could do this via the country's massive oil reserves.

But the price of oil plummeted thanks to the GFC and OPEC ramping up production. Now Venezuela is a "hell" you can see on TV, with prisoners "rotting" in jails, "corrupt cronies" in judicial positions and citizens left searching for food in garbage dumps.

I wonder if people have ever been impacted by a massive financial downturn in capitalist countries?

Obviously the Left in Australia are too stupid to have the foresight to see that this could happen here. The "sick" people that wrote this letter want a socialist utopia here, but all that will eventuate is a dystopia as the "green ideology... turns electricity into a luxury item."

I wonder how electricity will go as the planet enters its sixth mass extinction event?

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