Shut The Gate To Halt Local Jihadists

"And still they won't shut the gate" thunders Andrew Bolt. I'm surprised his main article isn't advocating the internment of young people whose identify as socialists and anarchists after he was assaulted the other day.

No, it's about Australia turning its back on refugees, because some refugees have committed terrible crimes in Australia. Here: "Did they [politicians/elites] finally concede they'd run a refugee program that put Australians in danger? As if."

That's some Year 7 goodness right there. Of course, after the Brighton siege, the "gravest" question was "why was this jihadist in Australia in the first place?" Turns out this criminal and dill was a refugee from Africa who arrived when he was seven. Seven. Boy these terrorists start young.

Bolt even asks how the authorities can "vet the refugees' children" without irony. I know you can test for spina bifida early on, but radicalisation? Hmm.

I wonder what Australia would look like if it hadn't imported poor people and criminals.

Anyway, Andy does his best to undermine his entire article and the end, which is saying something: "Yes, yes, yes - most refugees fit in well and make good citizens." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What an idiot.

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