PM's Meddling Is All About Politics - June 29, 2017

There's two parts to Andy's article: one, Prime Minister Turnbull has fucked up again by fraternising with Muslims; two, the AFL Tribunal made a bad decision.

First, Bolt is sneering at the AFL Tribunal because it took into account character references from Turnbull and Waleed Aly when it only handed Houli a two-game suspension. "Doesn't [the Tribunal] realise Australians are sick of the cultural elite looking after its own?" Not sure how a sports body is part of the cultural elite but whatever.

Andy thinks it's "bizarre" that Houli played the religion card to escape sterner punishment. That would be bizarre, but it didn't happen. The character references basically said Houli is a good guy and a pillar of the community. Nothing about identity politics there Andy, much as you might try.

"I thought we were fiercely egalitarian," Andy sneers. Well, except if you're Muslim or a woman or both, as Yassmin Abdel-Magied found out.

Secondly, it's a little weird when a politician gets accused of playing politics. It's like saying a full-forward is too focused on kicking goals, or a firefighter only wants to put out fires.

I don't know if there's research on who Muslims tend to vote for, but I would've thought the best thing a political leader could do is to make sure they don't vote for some other party. So if Turnbull dishes out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Bachar Houli Academy, how is that any different from other pork-barrelling like a new bridge or freeway or hospital?

Is Bolt really that stupid?

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