Pyne Cheers As PM Trashes Libs - June 26, 2017

Bolt is upset that Turnbull is risking the wrath of the right-wing faction of the Liberal Party by apparently setting the stage for a free vote in parliament and breaking an election promise.

(I crack up here because it's so bizarre for people to lose their shit anymore at politicians who break election promises - they always do it. Bolt never says anything about Abbott's score of broken promises after the 2013 election!)

Anyway, Turnbull has a "final explosive plan" to destroy the Liberal Party by "secretly plotting" with the "Left" of the Liberal Party. Calling people who slash penalty rates for the lowest paid is a funny way of using Left.

Bolt is also upset that somebody was less than truthful in their political machinations! "So much for their professions of loyalty." Oh the Sneer-O-Meter is flailing! Wildly. The shock! A lying, scheming politician!

What about Trump, Andy? Bosh.

Apparently Turnbull's grand plan is to ensure his post-politics legacy and he needs to be the PM that brought marriage equality. His "entire post-politics reputations relies on it," Andy scathingly writes. Why? Because Turnbull has given us "record debt, record spending, record power prices and higher taxes."

See, it wasn't Labor. It was the Liberals all along.

On the Sneer-O-Meter this ranks: