This New Racism Is Just Apartheid - June 1, 2017

"Say no to racism." It's a funny opening gambit from one of the few people to have been adjudged by a court of law to have racial discriminated someone.

Andy is sneering at Indigenous leaders who assembled at Uluru last week to decide whether they supported the proposed changes to the Constitution to recognise Indigenous Australians. Instead of recognition, a largely symbolic act, they prefer to have a "voice" enshrined in the Constitution and instead prefer a Treaty between the Indigenous and the Australian government.

But this is racism. It's apartheid. It's giving Indigenous people "extra legal rights", whines Andy. I don't know much about this, but perhaps more rights may stop them dying twenty years before the rest of us.

But Indigenous Australians already have rights - they "even had a chief minister" of the NT. Bonza! This "voice" would make Australia a "racist nation." Um, Andy, have you ever met any Australians?

Andy calls on politicians to reject this "lethal nonsense" and "dangerous excuse" because once they "surrender the principle" of one people under the law then "they've surrendered everything." Hyperbole much?

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