Time To Stand Up, Malcolm - May 8, 2017

Basically another article where Andrew Bolt tells (tries to) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull what to do. (But remember it's the lefties who are owned by the green groups and trade unions!)

Nothing special here. Bolt's heart just isn't in it today. He does weep for billionaire Gina Rinehart being forced to satisfy environmental regulations and the like that forced her to get "4000 licences and approvals" for a mine. Gee whiz!

After 4 years of Coalition rule, Australia is still held back by "huge debt," "soaring electricity prices," "welfarism" (Nice one!) and "mountains of environment regulation." Applaud the use of mountain as a metaphor when describing green tape!

It's always the greenies. They're trying to stop the Adani coal mine which will, you know, help kill the Great Barrier Reef, and these "well-funded" environmentalists are suing it for "everything from allegedly hurting Aborigines to suffocating the planet with global warming."

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