Tell The Truth Or Shut Up, Duncan - May 29, 2017

I think Andy has missed the point here. He's chiding (well, calling for him to be sacked) ASIO boss Duncan Lewis because Lewis had the temerity to state that there is no evidence to connect refugees and terrorism.

I think Lewis is saying that if one is a refugee that doesn't necessarily mean one will become a terrorist, which Bolt thinks will def happen.

It's like arguing that since the overwhelming majority of terrorists are men then there is a connection between terrorists and penises.

That's what far-right Islamophobes think when it comes to Islam and terrorism. I bet you could find something in the Christian Bible that could be twisted to support violence. I'm sure the Klan did.

Anyway, Lewis "should tell us the truth" or shut up. But what if he did, Andy? Doesn't matter. After Lewis' "smack down" of Pauline Hanson, "Twitter instantly lit up in mockery" of Hanson. But how could Lewis saying something "so obviously false"?

Andy then does his Buzzfeed list thing again. Look, we all know why Lewis said what he said: he was speaking the "elites' conventional sweet untruths" about Islam. Lewis wants Australians to not be "'racist'" and make sure Muslims don't feel "so picked on."

Man, Andy has a very limited vocabulary. Or is he just writing for his intended audience?

Implores Andy: we must stop this "wilful denialism among the elites." That's right - Joe Blow knows more about espionage and counter-terrorism that the boss of ASIO.

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