When Will We Learn? - May 25, 2017

You just knew that after the Manchester tragedy all the fulminating right-wing blowhards would be furiously tapping away. One dude even wrote an article (WHICH ANDREW BOLT SAID WAS "MAGNIFICENT") declaring it would have been better for the bombs to have blown up at the ABC's Sydney HQ!

(I'd argue it would be better for the bombs to have not exploded, or at least have exploded inside the terrorists' cave killing all the terrorists, but that's just me.)

Anyway, Andy is angry at the do-gooders who had the chutzpah to allow refugees into Australia without regard to their race or religion. Wrong. Because we "refused to keep out Muslim immigrants" we've now got "self-inflicted" terrorism. "All by Muslims."

Like a Collingwood supporter still smarting over Wayne Harmes punching the ball back in, Bolt can't let go of Yasmin Abdel-Magied's Facebook post, linking her and the ABC to the act of terrorism in Britain. For some reason Australia is "desperately trying to show we're so nice to Muslims." I am Australian and know many Australians and Australians are definitely not nice to Muslims.

Anyway, Andy gets some repetition going, which is probably useful when you have to "write" two articles per week, blog all day and host a "TV" show at night. He tells us "They let in" a bunch of people that killed or threatened Australians. Sigh. Why does Andy never talk about the men we let in to Australia who murder their partner or former partners at a rate of one a week?

"What a joke," states Andy. Indeed. Perhaps supporting the illegal invasion of Iraq that opened the gates of hell and brought terrorism to our shores was a bad choice.

This time Andy has nailed it. On the Sneer-O-Meter this ranks: