Hints Of Abbott In Bill's Strategy - May 18, 2017

I think Andy has written an article to convince Labor voters how bad it would be (for Australia!) should Bill Shorten be replaced as Labor leader by leftists Anthony Albanese or Tanya Plibersek.

Opinion writing is a strange profession. You get paid to say "I think" and don't to do much more than that. Evidence, facts, statistics and logic really don't factor into it so much.

Bolt thinks Shorten is just like Tony Abbott, and will implode just like Tony Abbott. (Except Bolt thinks Abbott is WONDERFUL! and should be Prime Minister. Hmm.)

Anyway, Bolt is sneering at the liberal media again, because Abbott had "journalists relentlessly rubbish him and his promises." Yeah, those promises that lying Abbott never kept!

ANYWAY, the latest Coalition budget is a "political masterstroke" - that's straight up sarcasm. But if Shorten were in power he'd "spend recklessly" thanks to his "chokingly high" taxes, not to mention his "ruinously irrational global warming plan."

Man, Andy does love his adjectives and adverbs.

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