All Are Entitled To Free Speech - May 15, 2017

It wouldn't be a normal week if Andrew Bolt was typing about free speech. Today he is sneering at the "media" and "journalists" who gave Qantas CEO Alan Joyce favourable coverage after he vowed to press charges against the loony who assaulted him.

What's annoying Bolt is apparently the one-sided media that always latches on to the pro-marriage equality side of things, but is conspicuously quiet should those who oppose marriage equality come under attack. Sorry, not quiet - the media "yawns." ???

Anyway, since Joyce is "so influential" in this debate, he wants the businessman to help a conservative brother out. Bolt refers to a meeting of the Australian Christian Lobby that was being protested (free speech, neh?) and the boycott of Coopers Brewery after their weird-arse online video. Also, seems like the Archbishop of Hobart was "dragged" to the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. We all know Catholics are discriminatory by nature, so not really sure if that's news.

Anyway, the media has "minimal interest" in these "assaults" on free speech.

Come on Andrew. You just phoned in this one. On the Sneer-O-Meter this ranks: