We Suffer As The Nation Turns Left - May 11 2017

Oh how Andrew Bolt does pine for the days when we could squander the mining boom and illegally invade Mid-East countries. Oh how does he loathe a government that involves itself in society - except for when a woman wants to control her own body. What's he sneering at today?

Apparently Scott Morrison's second budget has made us all "Leftists." The Liberal Party has abandoned its dogma of smaller government and budget balance, with a massive swathe of tax increases that will be "blown on a spending spree." (Also known as roads and railways.)

Yep, here it is: "The Liberals have meanwhile ramped up spending themselves, including on dodgy projects like an inland rail line between Brisbane and Melbourne." Take that country people! You suck!

By having a fully funded NDIS, the government will be "suckling even more parasites. Oops, I meant 'clients.'" Geez, what a guy! Take that people with disabilities!

And the Prime Minster had the nerve to call his budget "'fair and responsible.'" The audacity!

Of course, we cant forget the "apologists for the government." Hehe.

On the Sneer-O-Meter this ranks:


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