No Hate, Just An Aussie Welcome - October 5, 2017

Anyway, this time Andy is sneering at those progressive Australians who wanted to avoid the public debate over marriage equality. They feared the unleashing of fear, hatred and bigotry, and they have been proven right, with organisations like the Coalition for Marriage running blatantly false TV ads.

But Andy demands these "activists" say "sorry" to the "Australian public they'd damned as bigots." No, Andy, they didn't damn all Australians; that's a generalisation which is the first skill you learn after walking as a baby. No, they were concerned that powerful right-wing lobby groups would use red herrings and tell outright lies and make claims completely out of context to manipulate voters. And they were right.

Despite what Andy says, de facto gay couples do not "have the legal rights of married couples." Try allowing a gay partner of a dying person inside a hospital room. Another lie. (geez, I'm turning into a Sneer Monster myself!)

Andy also spends a lengthy amount screeching hypocrisy over a number of politicians who supported the Irish vote to legalise gay marriage but opposed the public vote here. The difference, though, is that Ireland's change required a change to constitution; here, there was simply a vote in Parliament. I don't remember a public vote when John Howard and the Coalition voted to criminalise same-sex marriage.

Of course then there are the red herrings and slippery slope arguments: if same-sex marraige is legalised then polygamy will be legalised; free speech and freedom of religion will be compromised; marriage as an institution will be forever weakened. What a load of bullshit. And Australians know bullshit when they see it.

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