Shut The Gate To Halt Local Jihadists

"And still they won't shut the gate" thunders Andrew Bolt. I'm surprised his main article isn't advocating the internment of young people whose identify as socialists and anarchists after he was assaulted the other day.

No, it's about Australia turning its back on refugees, because some refugees have committed terrible crimes in Australia. Here: "Did they [politicians/elites] finally concede they'd run a refugee program that put Australians in danger? As if."

That's some Year 7 goodness right there. Of course, after the Brighton siege, the "gravest" question was "why was this jihadist in Australia in the first place?" Turns out this criminal and dill was a refugee from Africa who arrived when he was seven. Seven. Boy these terrorists start young.

Bolt even asks how the authorities can "vet the refugees' children" without irony. I know you can test for spina bifida early on, but radicalisation? Hmm.

I wonder what Australia would look like if it hadn't imported poor people and criminals.

Anyway, Andy does his best to undermine his entire article and the end, which is saying something: "Yes, yes, yes - most refugees fit in well and make good citizens." HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

What an idiot.

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This New Racism Is Just Apartheid - June 1, 2017

"Say no to racism." It's a funny opening gambit from one of the few people to have been adjudged by a court of law to have racial discriminated someone.

Andy is sneering at Indigenous leaders who assembled at Uluru last week to decide whether they supported the proposed changes to the Constitution to recognise Indigenous Australians. Instead of recognition, a largely symbolic act, they prefer to have a "voice" enshrined in the Constitution and instead prefer a Treaty between the Indigenous and the Australian government.

But this is racism. It's apartheid. It's giving Indigenous people "extra legal rights", whines Andy. I don't know much about this, but perhaps more rights may stop them dying twenty years before the rest of us.

But Indigenous Australians already have rights - they "even had a chief minister" of the NT. Bonza! This "voice" would make Australia a "racist nation." Um, Andy, have you ever met any Australians?

Andy calls on politicians to reject this "lethal nonsense" and "dangerous excuse" because once they "surrender the principle" of one people under the law then "they've surrendered everything." Hyperbole much?

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Tell The Truth Or Shut Up, Duncan - May 29, 2017

I think Andy has missed the point here. He's chiding (well, calling for him to be sacked) ASIO boss Duncan Lewis because Lewis had the temerity to state that there is no evidence to connect refugees and terrorism.

I think Lewis is saying that if one is a refugee that doesn't necessarily mean one will become a terrorist, which Bolt thinks will def happen.

It's like arguing that since the overwhelming majority of terrorists are men then there is a connection between terrorists and penises.

That's what far-right Islamophobes think when it comes to Islam and terrorism. I bet you could find something in the Christian Bible that could be twisted to support violence. I'm sure the Klan did.

Anyway, Lewis "should tell us the truth" or shut up. But what if he did, Andy? Doesn't matter. After Lewis' "smack down" of Pauline Hanson, "Twitter instantly lit up in mockery" of Hanson. But how could Lewis saying something "so obviously false"?

Andy then does his Buzzfeed list thing again. Look, we all know why Lewis said what he said: he was speaking the "elites' conventional sweet untruths" about Islam. Lewis wants Australians to not be "'racist'" and make sure Muslims don't feel "so picked on."

Man, Andy has a very limited vocabulary. Or is he just writing for his intended audience?

Implores Andy: we must stop this "wilful denialism among the elites." That's right - Joe Blow knows more about espionage and counter-terrorism that the boss of ASIO.

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When Will We Learn? - May 25, 2017

You just knew that after the Manchester tragedy all the fulminating right-wing blowhards would be furiously tapping away. One dude even wrote an article (WHICH ANDREW BOLT SAID WAS "MAGNIFICENT") declaring it would have been better for the bombs to have blown up at the ABC's Sydney HQ!

(I'd argue it would be better for the bombs to have not exploded, or at least have exploded inside the terrorists' cave killing all the terrorists, but that's just me.)

Anyway, Andy is angry at the do-gooders who had the chutzpah to allow refugees into Australia without regard to their race or religion. Wrong. Because we "refused to keep out Muslim immigrants" we've now got "self-inflicted" terrorism. "All by Muslims."

Like a Collingwood supporter still smarting over Wayne Harmes punching the ball back in, Bolt can't let go of Yasmin Abdel-Magied's Facebook post, linking her and the ABC to the act of terrorism in Britain. For some reason Australia is "desperately trying to show we're so nice to Muslims." I am Australian and know many Australians and Australians are definitely not nice to Muslims.

Anyway, Andy gets some repetition going, which is probably useful when you have to "write" two articles per week, blog all day and host a "TV" show at night. He tells us "They let in" a bunch of people that killed or threatened Australians. Sigh. Why does Andy never talk about the men we let in to Australia who murder their partner or former partners at a rate of one a week?

"What a joke," states Andy. Indeed. Perhaps supporting the illegal invasion of Iraq that opened the gates of hell and brought terrorism to our shores was a bad choice.

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Why Comey Had It Coming - May 22, 2017

Avid readers of the Herald Sun would no doubt be closely monitoring the events surrounding the 45th President of the United States over the last fortnight.

"So what on earth is the scandal here?" Andy is sneering at the "hysterical reporting" after Trump sacked the FBI Director James Comey, apparently on the advice of his Deputy Attorney-General, even though the President later said he was going to fire Comey anyway. Trump also said "this Russia thing" was an issue in his decision-making process (Process?), which was what Comey was investigating and Trump reportedly asked him to stop. Even Andy can admit Trump has "dangerous indiscipline."

But it's the media ignoring "the facts," you see. They've got a "manic desperation to write their dream story" - Trump being bad. (I wonder if the thought ever occurs to Andy that he'd be without 90% of his normal subject material if not for the "media" and their "hyperventilating stories.")

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P.S. How clever is that title?

Hints Of Abbott In Bill's Strategy - May 18, 2017

I think Andy has written an article to convince Labor voters how bad it would be (for Australia!) should Bill Shorten be replaced as Labor leader by leftists Anthony Albanese or Tanya Plibersek.

Opinion writing is a strange profession. You get paid to say "I think" and don't to do much more than that. Evidence, facts, statistics and logic really don't factor into it so much.

Bolt thinks Shorten is just like Tony Abbott, and will implode just like Tony Abbott. (Except Bolt thinks Abbott is WONDERFUL! and should be Prime Minister. Hmm.)

Anyway, Bolt is sneering at the liberal media again, because Abbott had "journalists relentlessly rubbish him and his promises." Yeah, those promises that lying Abbott never kept!

ANYWAY, the latest Coalition budget is a "political masterstroke" - that's straight up sarcasm. But if Shorten were in power he'd "spend recklessly" thanks to his "chokingly high" taxes, not to mention his "ruinously irrational global warming plan."

Man, Andy does love his adjectives and adverbs.

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All Are Entitled To Free Speech - May 15, 2017

It wouldn't be a normal week if Andrew Bolt was typing about free speech. Today he is sneering at the "media" and "journalists" who gave Qantas CEO Alan Joyce favourable coverage after he vowed to press charges against the loony who assaulted him.

What's annoying Bolt is apparently the one-sided media that always latches on to the pro-marriage equality side of things, but is conspicuously quiet should those who oppose marriage equality come under attack. Sorry, not quiet - the media "yawns." ???

Anyway, since Joyce is "so influential" in this debate, he wants the businessman to help a conservative brother out. Bolt refers to a meeting of the Australian Christian Lobby that was being protested (free speech, neh?) and the boycott of Coopers Brewery after their weird-arse online video. Also, seems like the Archbishop of Hobart was "dragged" to the Anti-Discrimination Tribunal. We all know Catholics are discriminatory by nature, so not really sure if that's news.

Anyway, the media has "minimal interest" in these "assaults" on free speech.

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We Suffer As The Nation Turns Left - May 11 2017

Oh how Andrew Bolt does pine for the days when we could squander the mining boom and illegally invade Mid-East countries. Oh how does he loathe a government that involves itself in society - except for when a woman wants to control her own body. What's he sneering at today?

Apparently Scott Morrison's second budget has made us all "Leftists." The Liberal Party has abandoned its dogma of smaller government and budget balance, with a massive swathe of tax increases that will be "blown on a spending spree." (Also known as roads and railways.)

Yep, here it is: "The Liberals have meanwhile ramped up spending themselves, including on dodgy projects like an inland rail line between Brisbane and Melbourne." Take that country people! You suck!

By having a fully funded NDIS, the government will be "suckling even more parasites. Oops, I meant 'clients.'" Geez, what a guy! Take that people with disabilities!

And the Prime Minster had the nerve to call his budget "'fair and responsible.'" The audacity!

Of course, we cant forget the "apologists for the government." Hehe.

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With a side of Leftist Hysteria

Time To Stand Up, Malcolm - May 8, 2017

Basically another article where Andrew Bolt tells (tries to) Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull what to do. (But remember it's the lefties who are owned by the green groups and trade unions!)

Nothing special here. Bolt's heart just isn't in it today. He does weep for billionaire Gina Rinehart being forced to satisfy environmental regulations and the like that forced her to get "4000 licences and approvals" for a mine. Gee whiz!

After 4 years of Coalition rule, Australia is still held back by "huge debt," "soaring electricity prices," "welfarism" (Nice one!) and "mountains of environment regulation." Applaud the use of mountain as a metaphor when describing green tape!

It's always the greenies. They're trying to stop the Adani coal mine which will, you know, help kill the Great Barrier Reef, and these "well-funded" environmentalists are suing it for "everything from allegedly hurting Aborigines to suffocating the planet with global warming."

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