Turnbull Wants The World To Kill People "The Aussie Way"

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has outlined an aggressive plan for Australia to become one of the top 10 arms exporters.


The leader of the Liberal Party, which turned its back on the local car manufacturing industry and neutered the local solar and wind power industries, says the plan will "create more jobs for Australian businesses."

"The world loves Australia. It loves our people, our beaches, our animals and our food. Now we want it to love our guns," Turnbull said.

Australia currently ranks 20th as an arms exporter, but there is potential for cash money in Asia and the Middle-East.

Western-led coalitions have invaded and bombed a number of Middle-Eastern countries over the last few decades, and this "instability" has seen a rise in arms sales across the entire globe.

This "instability" has also created religious extremist violence in Australia, the United States and Britain, but Turnbull says that's a price worth paying.

"When soldiers and militants pull the trigger, we want them to pull the Aussie way."