Local Woman Organises Bevvies After Invasion Day Protest

The 26th of January, officially known as Australia Day and unofficially as Invasion Day, is a momentous day in the history of Australia.

And Gertrude Greiner is going to commemorate all sides.


"Commemorate, not celebrate, that's the key," says Greiner. "All of us need to recognise what the 26th of January recognises - it is the beginning of the dispossession of the Indigenous people of Australia.

"I'll be attending the protests in Melbourne and showing my support to the First Peoples of this land.

"But, also, we have to commemorate the wonderful nation that Australia is today. We are a vibrant, dynamic, mulitcultural success story. And we should be proud of that."

So how will Greiner and her friends be "commemorating" Australia Day?

"A BBQ of course," says Greiner. "We'll have a few beers too as we reflect upon our history."