Local Woman Blocks Third Friend Request From School Classmate This Week

Megan Kim doesn't understand why all these people who weren't nice to her in high school suddenly want to be her friend on Facebook.


Yesterday she rejected Georgina, a woman with which she went to high school.  It's the third rejection she's handed out this week.

"Just because Facebook is on the Internet, it doesn't mean it's not a real friendship," Megan says. "I see no difference between online and real life."

Megan's experience reflects those of the typical avocado-eating millennial who only experienced social media after the end of high school.

Many of these people think they have some sort of bond with schoolmates when the reality is that they are deluded.

"I only have a small number of friends on Facebook, relatively speaking, of about 60 people. I don't need to add you because we did Home Eco in Year 8.

"Some of these people used to bully me  - one of them called me an "emo slut" because I wore black clothes! Why would I suddenly want to be your friend now?"