Disease Also Good For Indigenous Australians: Abbott

In an addendum to his comments with one of the finest radio presenters the world has ever seen - Ray Hadley - former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that disease was also good for Indigenous Australians.


On Twitter, Abbott wrote: "On balance, disease made Indigenous Australians tougher. Once their bodies had calibrated, they were ready for the modern world."

Abbott then tweeted: "Just like a child who plays in the dirt and gets exposed to all sorts of things and develops a resistance, so too were the Indigenous Australians with European settlement."

The unexpected tweet was an addition to his radio comments this morning where he said: "What happened on the 26th of January 1788 was on balance, for everyone - Aboriginal people included - a good thing because it brought Western civilisation to this country, it brought Australia into the modern world."

The comments are not expected to go down well.