Family Dinner Turns To Debating Life Of Hugh Hefner

As the McKenzie family sat down to dinner in Pascoe Vale yesterday evening, the carbonara was quickly relegated to entree status. Why? A vigorous discussion about Hugh Hefner erupted.


"I always though he was a chauvinist," says Mary, 40, mum to Janie, 16, and Isaac, 14, and husband to Phil, 41. "But then you see some of the progressive causes he supported and it makes you think twice."

"It does make you think twice," Phil starts, "but only to confirm what you thought: he was an avid objectifier of woman for personal and financial gain."

"But nobody forced those women into the magazines," interrupts Janie. "I thought the point of women's liberation was for them to choose the kind of they wanted, not what society wanted."

"Well what society wants, according to Playboy, is a very narrow view of beauty and sexuality that is overwhelmingly obsessed with straight, white women," Isaac says.

At this point The Seagull left the discussion as it appeared to be too nuanced for the black and white outrage cycle that is 21st century humanity.