Melburnians Bust Out The Fans After One Warm Day

Saturday was a great day in general. There was a feeling of excitement and positivity as Richmond looked to enter its first Grand Final for 35 years.


The weather was splendid, with the temperature reaching a warm 30 degrees. After a miserable winter where the only time it wasn't overcast was at night, it was a welcome change.

"I just, like, had an amazing time with the girls, like," says Taylurr Baysik. "We all went out for margaritas and Mexican - what else would you do?"

At the temperature held constant into the evening, many Melburnians whipped out their dust-covered fans to simulate a cool change.

A moderately drinking several craft beers in his backyard, Devon Johnston searched out his $10 K-Mart spinner.

"Well, in the end, we all knew the rain wasn't far off - this is Melbourne! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Devon laughs. "But it was good to pretend for a few hours that it might be more than one afternoon of sunshine. Ha! Ha! Ha!"