Scott Morrison Fails To Pick Scott Morrison Out Of Lineup

He's got arguably the second most important job in the country, but it seems that Scott Morrison is unrecognisable to most Australians, including himself.


Whilst appearing on morning television to ostensibly increase his public profile, Morrison played a game and was shown as series of photos of celebrities, the last picture being of himself.

But it took the Treasurer ten seconds to recognise it!

It seems that ever since Morrison left the immigration portfolio, his popularity has waned. More people recognise the new Immigration Minister, the human potato Peter Dutton.

"It's easy to make friends when you're the guy who hands out all the money," says veteran political journalist Mike Went. "But also it's very easy to make enemies."

"I think Morrison's problem is that people just don't care what he does. They're interested in Turnbull v Abbott."