Carlton Fans Welcome Voluntary Euthanasia Law

Bluebaggers, an informal gathering of members of the Carlton Football Club, has welcomed the Victorian government's proposed law legalising voluntary euthanasia.


The group is led by Patrick Fiorente, a long time club member, and some might say, a long suffering member.

"Those halcyon days of the 70s and 80s are long gone," says Fiorente. "I fear we may turn into the next Western Bulldogs and be left waiting for 60 years for another flag.

"It's good to have the option to check out, so to speak, if life becomes unbearable."

Carlton's last premiership was in 1995, but the club has struggled since the turn of the century, making the finals only five times and winning the wooden spoon four times.

"Fitzroy was sent to live out its days on the Queensland coast, but I think I'd rather choose my end, thank you very much," says Fiorente.