Marriage Equality Opponent Wishes She'd Said 'No'

Susan White, the woman from the first anti-marriage equality TV ad commissioned by the Coalition For Marriage, confesses she wishes she'd said "No."


White is now 39 and married with three children. But when the man who would become her husband proposed 18 years ago, she wishes she had given a different answer.

"I was 21 and I thought I was in love," says White. "I mean, I probably was, but I certainly hadn't had enough life experience to make that call. I've been having sex with the same man for more than two decades now. It gets stale.

"I've got three kids, which is okay, as long as none of them are gay, or none of the boys want to wear a dress."

White argues that "gays" have got a "blessing in disguise" with regards to their unequal status. "They can't get married so they can date as many people as they want, without getting locked down. They don't know how lucky they are."